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ADIAnalog Devices, Inc.
ADIAcceptable Daily Intake
ADIACE (Area Control Error) Diversity Interchange
ADIApproved Driving Instructors (UK)
ADIAssistenza Domiciliare Integrata (Italian: Integrated Home Care)
ADIAlzheimer's Disease International
ADIAuthorised Deposit Taking Institution (Australia)
ADIAlternating Direction Implicit (method)
ADIAgência de Inovação (Portuguese: Innovation Agency)
ADIAssociazione Degli Italianisti (Italian: Association of Italians)
ADIArt Design International (furniture)
ADIAsahi Diamond Industrial
ADIAdd Immediate
ADIAlternate Delay Interval
ADIAbstract Device Interface
ADIAudio Driver
ADIAutodesk Inc.
ADIActive Directory Infrastructure
ADIApplication Desktop Integrator
ADIAddress Incomplete Signal
ADIApple Desktop Interface
ADIAnalog Devices Inc.
ADIAssociazione per il Disegno Industriale (Milano, Italy)
ADIAubrey Daniels International (Atlanta, GA)
ADIAustempered Ductile Iron
ADIAccessory Distributor Installer
ADIAutoDesk Device Interface
ADIArea of Dominant Influence (television industry)
ADIIndependent Democratic Action (Sao Tome and Principe)
ADIAdvanced Distance Integration (photography)
ADIApplied Dynamics International
ADIAttitude Director Indicator
ADIAllowable Daily Intake
ADIALPS Distributors, Inc. (Denver, CO)
ADIAutomation/Drive Interface
ADIAttitude Direction Indicator (aviation)
ADIAmerican Documentation Institute
ADIAssociation for Direct Instruction (various organizations)
ADIAquascape Designs, Inc. (St. Charles, IL)
ADIAIDS Defining Illness
ADIAdvanced Driving Instructor
ADIApplication Desktop Integrator (Oracle)
ADIAgencia de Desarrollo de Inversiones (Spanish; Investment Promotion Agency, Argentina)
ADIActive Detection of Infection
ADIAssistance Dog Institute
ADIAmerican Distilling Institute
ADIAssistance Dogs International, Inc.
ADIAutoCAD Device Interface
ADIActing Detective Inspector (UK)
ADIAssociation des Directeurs Immobiliers (French: Real Estate Managers Association)
ADIAmerican Defense Institute
ADIAirliners Distributing, Inc. (Las Vegas, NV)
ADIApplication Development & Integration
ADIAir Defense Initiative
ADIAnimating Democracy Initiative
ADIAfter Develop Inspection (photolithography)
ADIAverage Daily Increment
ADIAcademie Diplomatique Internationale (French: International Diplomatic Academy)
ADIAnalog/Digital Interface
ADIAfrican Development Institute (New York, NY)
ADIAcute Diaphragmatic Injury (trauma)
ADIAccess-control Decision Information
ADIAirfield Driving Instruction (US Air Force)
ADIAttitude Directional Indicator
ADIAssociazione Italiana di Dietologia e Nutrizione Clinica
ADIAggregate Demand Index
ADIAutodesk Design Institute (software; various locations)
ADIAlternate Digit Inversion
ADIAddress-Incomplete Signal
ADIAnti-Detonant Injection (injecting water to cool an engine)
ADIAttitude Display Indicator (aviation)
ADIAltitude Direction Indicator
ADIApplication Architecture, Development & Integration Summit (also seen as AADI)
ADIAlpha Delta Iota (fraternity)
ADIANDVT Digital Interface
ADIAnalog Display Indicator (A-6)
ADIAutomatic Direction Indicator
ADIAircraft De-Ice and Inhibitor
ADIAircraft Data Interface
ADIAsociación de Damas Italianas (Italian Ladies' Association, Guatemala)
ADIAir Defense Interrogator (Military Aviation)
ADIAnchor Desk Interface
ADIApplicant Data Interface
ADIAnwenderverband Deutscher Informationsverarbeiter eV (Munich, Germany)
ADIAsociación de Desarollo Integral (Integral Improvement Association of Coatepeque, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala)
ADIAdvanced Discriminating Interceptor
ADIAir Defense Intercept
ADIAir Distributing Institute
ADIAcoustic Directional Intensity
ADIAutomatic Digit Inversion
ADIAcoustic Data Interface
ADIAlternate Documentation of Income (student financial aid)
ADIAll Dialed In
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Marty Borg, president of ADI, and his staff continue to examine innovative applications of ADI's technology".
ADI strives to meet the needs of each property manager or super by collaborating with them to make the software tailor made for their needs.
The heat treatment procedure for ductile iron castings in producing ADI consists of three steps:
Any significant decline in domestic equity prices or further appreciation of the Japanese yen could put pressure on the ratings of ADI.
Steven Granat (photo) has signed on as vice president of Sales and Marketing for ADI.
Understanding this relationship, he said, makes it easy to determine what grade the ADI part is after heat treatment.
Seshan, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India, concentrated on the structure and properties of ADI as affected by low alloy additions.
WISPs and OEMs need the ability to build their own FCC-legal systems from off-the-shelf components," said Steve Yates, President, Founder and CTO of ADI Engineering.
Users verified cost and physical advantages realized by substituting ADI for alternative metals and underlined what makes it an excellent material for many design applications.
ADI recognizes the value of AFIP Certification and we want to help all students reach their academic and professional goals, which is why this agreement with Northwood University is so valuable," said Alan Algan, CEO and executive director of ADI.
summed up the limiting prospects of austempered ductile iron for those who attended the 1991 World ADI Conference on March 12-14 in Bloomingdale, illinois.