ADICPAcid Detergent Insoluble Crude Protein
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The NDICP and ADICP concentrations of the RSM were lower than the values reported in Maxin et al.
Chemical composition of the basal diet (DM basis) Nutrients % DM CP (%) 12.62 NDF (%) 36.18 ADF (%) 21.25 Ash (%) 5.87 pe NDF (%) 29.02 SP 4.84 Ca 0.53 P 0.60 ME (MJ/kg) 10.93 NEL (MJ/kg) 7.04 ADICP 0.76 NDICP 1.52 NPN 3.73 DM, dry matter; CP, crude protein; NDF, neutral detergent fiber; ADF, acid detergent fiber; Ash, crude ash; pe NDF, physically effective NDF; SP, soluble protein; Ca, calcium; P, phosphorus; ME, metabolic energy; NEL, lactation net energy; ADICP, acid detergent insoluble crude protein; NDICP, neutral detergent insoluble crude protein; NPN, non-protein nitrogen.
The higher RUP in DDGS may be attributed to heat-damaged protein as indicated by its low SP content (2.7%) and high ADICP content (4.9%).
As CP fractions, slowly- and less-degradable protein in black tea by-product was assumed to be higher than in green tea by-product according to NDICP and ADICP contents, respectively (Licitra et al., 1996).
In the present study, only a few indices (CP, NDF, ADF, etc.; Table 1) were analyzed actually and the values, including NDICP, ADICP, peNDF, degradation rates and intestinal digestion rates, were calculated based on the CNCPS v5.0 Temperate Feeds Library.
NDF was analyzed according to the method of Mertens (2002) and neutral detergent insoluble crude protein (NDICP) and acid detergent insoluble crude protein (ADICP) were analyzed according to the methods of Licitra et al.