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'We are not vilifying our fellow woman because women are known the world over to be the best personnel but if they don't deliver we will not shy away from kicking them out of office,' Adida said.
To a certain extent, this mechanism can improve the security of the locally saved shared key related to the theory of using fragment identification to save the key, as proposed by Ben Adida [1].
Other studies of migrant integration, such as Qian and Zhang (2006) and Adida (2011), asked respondents about their friends and local associations, and used such associations as measures of integration.
Assim, nao e sem relevancia lembrar, a esse fato, que ethos traduz justamente no carater ou temperamento e que os antepassados sempre diferenciaram os homens segundo o seu animo caracteristico e que a dignidade esta ligeiramente adida ao sentimento do ser humano.
Adida, Laitin, and Valfort apply tools of the social sciences to investigate whether Muslims face barriers to integrating in Europe, France in particular, that they would not if--all else being equal--they were not Muslim.
Congo's Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation Rodolf Adida expressed commitment to increase the volume of trade between the two countries, reiterating the need to expand this co-operation to other fields.
(32.) Adida M, Jollant F, Clark L, Besnier N, Guillaume S, Kaladjian A, et al.
Even our hiring decisions rely on homophily of race (Bertrand and Mullainathan 2004) and religion (Adida, Laitin, and Valfort 2010).
See, e.g., Adida, et al., Indivo X: Developing a Cully Substitutable Personally Controlled Health Record Platform, AMIA Symposium Proceedings, 9 (2010) (last visited May 18, 2014).
For a symmetric supply chain, some researchers gave closed-form expressions of unique equilibrium (Adida, Demiguel 2011).