ADIFAdministrador de Infraestructuras Ferroviarias (Spanish)
ADIFAccounting Data Interchange Format (accounting software)
ADIFAudio Data Interchange Format
ADIFAmateur Data Interchange Format Specification
ADIFAbu Dhabi International Fair (United Arab Emirates)
ADIFAutocrine Differentiation-Inhibiting Factor (biochemistry)
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Kazakhstan is a strategically important market in Central Asia, and we look forward to working with SRB and secure more commitments from local institutions as we plan to attract and promote Islamic financial products in the country," said Timur Rustemov, Member of Presidium, ADIF.
And we are firmly committed to building a lasting partnerships with ADIF, providing them and interested banks in the country innovative product development expertise and Shari'ah advisory services on a range of banking, insurance, asset management and financial issues.
That is why ADIF is in the midst of establishing full-fledged Islamic finance educational centre offering the best academic and professional programs for two largest groups: Financial Institutions' Association of Kazakhstan and Association of Higher Education Institutions of Kazakhstan.
About ADIF: ADIF is the state-owned Administrator of Railway Infrastructures in Spain.
The ADIF brought together a global audience of heads of industry and business, money managers, institutional investors and policy makers to hear about the wealth of investment opportunities Abu Dhabi has to offer to international companies.
AAC LC encoder: implements MPEG-4 AAC LC and MPEG-2 AAC LC 2-channel encoding compliant with ISO/IEC 14496-3, supporting Constant Bit Rate, Variable Bit Rate, TNS, PNS, Joint Stereo, ADIF and ADTS encoding formats.
Ala'a Eraiqat, Chief Executive Officer of ADCB, commented, "Our sponsorship of the ADIF reflects our commitment to building further on the success of Abu Dhabi, highlighting the Emirates growth and increasing its appeal to top level policy makers from across the globe.
ADIFS is among the leading brokerage firms in the UAE.
As per the agreement, Tradenet will implement the order management system for ADIFS to handle exchange trading activities and will extend ADIFS' trading services to multiple markets through multiple channels.
We are confident that the implementation of Tradenet Order Management will help ADIFS augment their customer service with timely and well-managed order fulfilment.