ADIFORAutomatic Differentiation of Fortran Codes
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fcn.f fcn_sample.f This file tells ADIFOR that file fcn.f contains the subroutine fcn and that the sample program is contained in file fcn_sample.f.
However, in older versions of ADIFOR this file is needed.
Sample file fcn_comp for ADIFOR. program fcn_sample integer n double precision x(n), f(n) call fcn(n, x, f) end Given the information in the script and composition files, ADIFOR can be used to generate a subroutine that computes the Jacobian matrix.
The command Adifor2.0 AD_SCRIPT=fcn.script instructs ADIFOR to generate a subroutine of the form
Further details on how to invoke ADIFOR can be found in Bischof et al.
We compute the Jacobian of F by manipulating the gradient object with subroutines provided by ADIFOR in the SparsLinc [Bischof et al.
Two key difficulties arise when using the derivative information provided by ADIFOR in PATH.
On the other hand, ADIFOR computes the Jacobian matrix by rows.
The user can certainly download versions of ADIFOR, Condor, and PATH.
We thank the developers of Condor and ADIFOR for sharing their expertise with us.