ADIGAllgemeine Deutsche Investment Gesellschaft (German: General German Investment Company; Germany)
ADIGApplication Development Interface Guidelines (semiconductors)
ADIGAssociazione Diabete Infantile Giovanile (Italian: Diabetes Association for Children and Youth; Italy)
ADIGAsociación de Informática de Guatemala (Computer Science Association of Guatemala)
ADIGAmerican Design Intelligence Group (apparel; est. 1987)
ADIGAMC (Air Mobility Command) Data Implementation Group (addresses data standardization issues)
ADIGAssociation des Interets de Gimel (French)
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(37) Such conferences attended by US, Turkish, and European scholars (out of curiosity rather than professional interest) are held in the countries where Adig communities influence local politics and able to provide favorable media coverage.
As China's economy continues its rapid expansion, averaging over 10 percent GDP growth over the past decade, China's growing middle class is using its disposable income to travel abroad, especially to Europe, and to purchase luxury and designer European goods like Gillier's own adig & Voltaire fashion line.
And as the deal was nearing completition Moyes, who accused Hughes and City of having "no class" in a People Sport exclusive recently, couldn't resist adig at Lescott.
'There was even adig at singer Michelle McManus, the 'Scots fattie' that got herself aradio show'
According to Corporate Secretary of PT Perkebunan Nusantara (PTPN) XI Adig Suwandi, the decline in the price of double refined sugar will likely result in penetration of imported double refined sugar to the market of consumption sugar.
IRENE: 'Cam itsala toi imih adig kurutz 'kai ah amit ah umdrafinic onto ki edit.
ana bir adig -maazalaj=deg, appar-gan=daa bol-za, simply one bear -bear=like become-PST=EMPH COP-COND
This type of product is likely to be favored by the five largest investment companies (ADIG, Deka, DIT, DWS, and Union), which in turn belong to the five leading retail banking groups in Germany.
ADIG co-led by Tyneside archaeologists has unearthed 4,000-year-old beads from a rare Bronze Age necklace which was buried with its owner.
The reference said that former IG Jamali, the then training DIG Shahab Mazhar Bhalli, the then SRP ADIG Aitzaz Ahmed Goraya, the then finance AIG Syed Fida Hussain Shah, the then West SSP retired Captain Ghulam Azfar Mahesar, the then district Matiari SP Amjad Ahmed Shaikh, district Kashmore SP Umar Tufail and the then district Tharparkar SP Khalid Mustafa Korai were allegedly involved in illegal recruitment of policemen, junior clerks and computer operators in SRP Hyderabad.
City Police Officer captA(r) Muhammad Faisal Rana, Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) Muhammad Bin Ashraf, ADIG Waqar Azeem martyrs' families, police officers and constables attended the function.
The ceremony was also attended by City Police Officer Capt (R) FaisAal Rana, Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) Bin Ashraf, ADIG Waqar Azim, junior and senior police officers and families of martyrs Sahid Sarwar (traffic warAden), Riaz (ASI), Arif, Sajid, Mazhar, Jamil and Zafran.