ADIIAdvanced Displays and Intelligent Interfaces
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AC: costo alimento crecimiento, ADI: costo alimento desarrollo uno, ADII: costo alimento desarrollo dos, AEI: costo de alimento engorde uno, AEII: costo de alimento engorde dos, ACD: costo adquisicion de los cerdos (lechon), MED: costo medicinas, TRANS: costo de transporte, MO: costo mano de obra.
Apenas um escolar do GR (GR41) nao apresentou prejuizos em nenhuma das provas do TDCL e respondeu bem as primeiras intervencoes psicopedagogicas (primeira camada ou intervencao primaria do RTI) saindo do grupo de risco no ano seguinte, de acordo com a ADII e [TDCL.sup.II].
Depuis le debut de l'annee 2013, une quantite de 15.298 kg de friperie d'une valeur estimee a 917.880 DH a ete saisie au niveau des deux regions alors que la valeur de moyens de transport saisis se chiffre a quelque 1,634 Million DH, indique l'ADII.
The sites included the customs registration point near the Sarpi border, the Adii terminal where truckers load and unload, the Automobilist's Garage on the road between Sarpi and Batumi, and two overnight-parking locations.
For example, the most important Yazidi ritual, the annual 6-day pilgrimage to the tomb of Sheikh Adii in Lalish, still took place; however, many Yazidi preferred to remain in local houses of worship to celebrate this event due to security concerns.
Una volta in partenza il Conte, il Marchese e il Cavaliere, nel momento degli adii, la scena ormai vuota sembra destinata a divenire, allora, contraddicendo la felicita, implicita ma necessaria, del canonico lieto fine matrimoniale, il palcoscenico deserto di una passione scomparsa e negata, appunto perche il libero gioco della seduzione si sta tramutando in chiusa norma coniugale.
(OTC Bulletin Board: ADII), is the parent company of GIG and focuses on returning value to its shareholders by building profitable subsidiary companies based on innovative technology development.
Ideal for production runs, ADII series 3-axis column-type surface grinders come in various chuck sizes from 20" x 40" to 24" x 80".
In May, Morocco's Administration of Customs and Indirect Taxes (ADII) said that the number of psychotropic drugs seized in Morocco increased from 140,000 in 2017 to 836,808 in 2018.
At a 'HeForShe' programme in Accra in October 2018 to sensitise the media on the campaign against gender inequality, Mrs Joyceline Adii, Regional Director at the Department of Gender, explained that though the harmful FGM practice has reduced in some regions in Ghana, unreported cases were common in Tain and Banda Districts of the Brong Ahafo Region.
Ces CT, repartis selon le principe du Premier Venu-Premier Servi (PVPS) et pris en charge par l'Administration des douanes et Impots indirects (ADII) sont chiffres en 2018 a 8958 tonnes, soit 1,3% de la consommation nationale en ces produits.