ADILAstronomy Digital Image Library (National Center for Supercomputing Applications)
ADILAgro Dutch Industries Ltd. (various locations)
ADILAireff Detox Incineration Ltd. (Indian pollution control system supplier)
ADILAssociation Départementale des Infirmiers libéraux de l'Orne
ADILAir Defense Identification Line
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Ironically, Adil met Andrew Sachs shortly before the Russell Brand scandal.
"The bloodstained and torn clothes had given us hope that Adil was still alive," said Makki Al-Moukli, one of Adil's cousins.
Adil, a Fulbright scholar from Malaysia visiting Mount Wachusett Community College in Gardner, spoke to the class on the nuances of growing up in a country that is partially ruled by Islamic law, and answered student questions on Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism.
Adil, whose family originally come from Pakistan, was born with a degenerative eye disorder and has been left with only five per cent vision.
Mahathir recently dared the ''reformasi'' movement to form a political party and fight in the coming general election rather than ''disrupt people's live through street demonstrations.'' But ADIL's Deputy President Chandra Mudzaffar, a social activist, said ADIL is not going to be a political party.
Haleem Adil said no government in past had taken steps for resolving the Kashmir Issue, as the bold steps taken by Prime Minister Imran Khan.
Later, they staged a rally, led by Haleem Adil Sheikh, which marched to the Native Jetty Bridge and torched the effigy of Modi.
However, Al Adil company proves the exact opposite, with its range of cereals and pulses available in stores across the Middle East.
Adil fought for 30 minutes to snatch win from the jaws of defeat against Shahzad Ali.
Uzma Adil said the purchase price of gas has increased which affected the buying and selling difference.
According to details, Pak Kashmir Ittehad staged a big Kashmir Day rally at New Sabzi Mandi, which was led by Haleem Adil Sheikh.
District council, Haripur through a successful vote of no confidence against District Nazim Haripur Adil Islam disqualified him by 56 votes.