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This was not the case when looking at post-season OI activation during ADIM (p=0.
Furthermore, no difference was found in recruitment of the dominant and non-dominant TA and OI in ADIM (p=0.
We investigated the absolute thickness of TA, OI and OE at rest as well as TA and OI activity in ADIM, ASLR-L and ASLR-R activity at the start and end of a cricket season.
Philips Communications, Security a Imaging of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, has introduced the ADIM, a surveillance solution that integrates the features of a matrix switcher and a digital video recorder with complete control functions from one central IntuiKey keyboard.
During his visit, Mukherjee also attended the diamond jubilee celebrations of the ADIM Jati Shiksha Ashram at Imphal and laid the foundation stone for the SRM University at Gangtok.
Archiving, file level deduplication, replication and search continue to be key drivers of growth for ADIM.