ADIPAddress in Pregroove
ADIPAnother Day in Paradise
ADIPAccelerated Development and Introduction Plan (vaccines in the developing world)
ADIPAddress in Pregroove (DVD technology)
ADIPArmy Diagnostic Improvement Program
ADIPAegis DECM Improvement Program
ADIPAlloy Development Intercorrelation Program
ADIPAlloy Development for Irradiation Performance
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Under ADIP Scheme, major Aids and Assistive Devices distributed were - Motorized Tricycles-119, Conventional Tricycles-762, Wheelchairs-277, Cruthes-1236, Walking Sticks-327, Braille Canes-34, Braille Kits-36, Braille Slates-19, Hearing Aids-742, Rolator-38, Smart Cane-127, Smart Phone-50, ADL Kit-26, Cell Phone -26, Daisy Player-30, MSID Kit-268 and Callipiers-324.
From the nutritional aspect, high levels of NDIP and ADIP are not desirable, since NDIP has a slow rate of ruminal degradation, compromising the access of microorganisms to nitrogenous compounds (Wang et al.
2003) were used to estimate simple linear correlation coefficients between ADL, CP and EDCP, NDIP, ADIP.
ALIMCO an autonomous organisation under M/o Social Justice and Empowerment which conducts Camps every year across the country for distribution of Aids and Appliances to Persons with Disabilities and Children With Special Needs (CWSN) under the ADIP and ADIP-SSA (SarvaShikshaAbhiyan) schemes respectively.
The ADIP content, a lower digestible protein fraction, was relatively higher in black tea by-product than the green one.
110 crore to the Department of Disability Affairs for the ADIP Scheme in 2013-14.
on behalf of GAVI, World Bank, and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the ADIP strategy was designed to focus on reducing the uncertainty of demand (More details on analyses of McKinsey & Co.
He said that around 5800 ADIP camps had been organised nationwide by his ministry for distribution of assistive device to Divyangjans.
However, it is important to note that part of the nitrogen ingested by animals this diet was not seized upon by the animal due to the high content of ADIP that contained this diet as compared mainly to the other diets (Table 1).
There was a significant effect when additives were used in the case of CP, ADIP and TC, albeit not for the opening days (Table 4).
He further added that special camps for the distribution of aids and appliances to the handicapped people under ADIP scheme (Assistance to Disabled persons for purchase/fittings of aids/appliances Scheme) would be conducted across the country.