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ADIPOQAdiponectin, C1Q and Collagen Domain-Containing
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It was concluded that this nsSNP, potentially functional and polymorphic in the ADIPOQ gene, might be associated with diabetes, obesity, and inflammation.
The human ADIPOQ gene is located on chromosome 3q27.
Several single nucleotide polymorphisms mutations in the ADIPOQ gene, G84R and G90S mutants, associated with diabetes and hypoadiponectinemia (Vasseur et at, 2002), did not form HMW multimers.
Abbreviations: ADIPOQ, adiponectin; AKT1, thymoma viral proto-oncogene 1; CE.
MC4R and LEP polymorphisms are promising markers for production traits in the crossbred animals, whereas ADIPOQ expression is suggested as a potential indicator of elevated intramuscular fat content.
Different adiponectin (ADIPOQ) genotypes were associated with elevated risks of type 2 diabetes, obesity and insulin resistance, whereas ADIPOQ plasma levels are inversely correlated with body fat levels in humans and mice (Wang et al.
Gene expression results: ADIPOQ, A-FABP, and LEP mRNA levels were detectable in both fat and muscle tissues of the crossbred animals (Figure 1).
To validate and confirm these findings in a prospective setting, we conducted an extended investigation to examine the possible association of 5 variations [-11377C>G (rs266729), -10066G>A (rsl82052), -3971A>G (rs822396), +45T>G (rs2241766), and +276G>T (rs1501299)] in ADIPOQ with risk of incident MI and ischemic stroke in participants drawn from the Physicians Health Study (PHS) cohort.
In the present nested case-control investigation, we found no evidence for an association of the tested ADIPOQ gene variations/haplotypes with risk of incident MI.
Genetic variants of the adiponectin precursor protein encoded by the gene ADIPOQ were by definition included in our GWIS analysis.
We found that TFZ enhanced adipogenesis in 3T3-L1 cells in the absence of MDI and induced adipogenic target genes such as FABP4 and ADIPOQ (see Supplemental Material, Figure S2).
B) FABP4, (C) ADIPOQ, (D) LEP, (E) LPL, and (F) FSP27.