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ADIRAdvanced Digital Imaging Research (Houston, TX)
ADIRAsociación para el Desarollo Integral Rural (Association for Rural Integral Improvement, Guatemala)
ADIRAircraft Data Insertion Retrieval
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(K2) Kahle, multiple manuscript fragments of 'Alam wa-Ta'adir (18)
One reason Neshar's movie escapes the morass of treacle that infects the part of the movie that attempts a portrait-of-an-artist as-a-young-man is because Yankele Bride reminds one more of Marlon Brando in The Godfather than of Molly Picon in "Fiddler." It's interesting that Yankele Bride is played by the well-known Israeli stand-up comedian Adir Miller.
Historical and Cultural Values: Adir Island located opposite to the marshes in the Lake is historical and protected area, having remnant of a monastery constructed in 1305.
2 November 2009 - A November 10th public hearing for a proposed poultry slaughterhouse in the Village of New Square, in New York State, was canceled indefinitely by its future operator Adir Poultry Inc.
A letter later sent to UABH explained that Aviznet had disallowed charges it concluded had been "unbundled or included in another service." After further efforts to collect the unpaid amount due, the hospital submitted the dispute to the Alabama Department of Industrial Relations (ADIR), which notified Aviznet it found that the disputed charges to be due and payable.
Adir Restaurants Corp., their joint venture, was established that same year to serve as the master franchisor for Polio Campero in the states of California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Washington and Oregon.
A condition may refer to the processor state, for example, the current value of some register, or to the generation state, for example, the number and types of transactions generated so far (Adir, Emek, and Marcus 2002).
'As it is, many dairy farms are not monitored at all," says Adir Salla, a farmer in Londrina, Parana.
Three years later, the court ordered the Israeli Defense Forces--which already allowed gay men and lesbians to serve openly--to give Adir Steiner the pension benefits after the death of his partner, Lieutenant Colonel Doron Maisel.
Knowing the reasons for this flow of talent may assist policy makers and decision-makers, at both organisational and civic levels, to plan courses of action that meet the interests of both migrating individuals and host organisations and societies (Adir, 1995; Rosenblatt & Sheaffer, 2001).