ADISAnxiety Disorders Interview Schedule (DSM IV)
ADISAlcohol & Drug Information Service
ADISArrival and Departure Information System
ADISAdvanced Driver Information System
ADISAgricultural Data Interchange Syntax (ISO 11787 standard)
ADISAutomatic Data Interchange System
ADISAir Defense Integrated System
ADISAutomated Distributed Intelligence System
ADISAcquisition and Due-In System
ADISAssistant Director Information Systems
ADISAegis Document Imaging System
ADISAssociation Dunkerquoise d'Initiatives SIDA
ADISAssociation for Development of Instructional Systems
ADISAdvanced Drilling Information System
ADISAutomated Depot Information System (Lockheed Martin)
ADISAutomated Directive Information System
ADISAirborne Digital Instrumentation System
ADISAutomatic Draft Indicating System
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Pleading that he was but a harmless hunter from a tribe farther south, Mugambi begged to be allowed to go upon his way; but Abdul Mourak, admiring the warrior's splendid physique, decided to take him back to Adis Abeba and present him to Menelek.
With this idea always uppermost in his mind, he courted the good opinion of the Abyssinians, asked them many questions about their emperor and their country, and evinced a growing desire to reach their destination, that he might enjoy all the good things which they assured him the city of Adis Abeba contained.
Colonel Belik was born in Adis Abeba, the capital of the empire, and until recently had been in command of the emperor's palace guard.
The Adis Newsletters provide timely notification and capsule reviews of significant therapeutic (Inpharma), adverse reaction (Reactions) and pharmacoeconomic (PharmacoEconomics and Outcome News) developments.
We are pleased to announce this significant collaboration between Adis and SandPoint.
Understanding this relationship, he said, makes it easy to determine what grade the ADI part is after heat treatment.
In other research aimed at improving the understanding of ADI, Michigan Technological University, researchers presented their work on the tensile and fatigue properties of relatively pure ADI.
Analog Devices' common stock is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and ADI is included in the S&P 500 Index.
ADI will highlight the newest members of its portfolio of quadrature modulators including:
Offered as a free download on the ADI website, ADIsimPLL provides a comprehensive PLL design and simulation package for Analog Devices' range of PLL frequency synthesizers, enabling rapid prototype development and design optimization.
ADI also offers the Othello family of RF transceivers for cellular handsets.
Using ADIsimPLL, engineers worldwide will find designing ADI PLLs into their products very practical and clear-cut.