ADISSAnalytical Data Interchange and Storage Standards
ADISSAdvanced Defense Intelligence Support System
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The ADISS project, which is a five-year project, is being carried out in 58 districts in the country and funded by USAID, seeks to increase the accountability of the government.
Tetteh Ahuno, the ADISS project is working towards three specific outcomes, namely, to improve the organisational capacity of the consortium to perform long term strategic law reforms and anti-corruption campaigns, and metropolitan, municipal and district assemblies (MMDAs) enforce the recommendations of the Auditor General and Public Accounts Committee (PAC), and increased collaboration between citizen groups and anti-corruption institutions at the local level.
In its inaugural run, ADISS opens its doors to the world under the theme of "Bridging Societies through the Language of Art" and will bring together 17 renowned sculptors from around the world to reveal their creativity on site from the heart of the Abu Dhabi," Dr Al Jassim said.
Through Adiss, students have a great opportunity to converse and learn from the experiences of the world renowned visiting artists, and attend a series of lectures and workshops to discuss topics such as 'Art and Environment', 'Originality and Identity in Public Sculpture', "Art in the urban scene' and 'Art saving the world'.
Symposium director of Adiss and the director of Salwa Zeidan Gallery, Salwa Zeidan said, "The response to the announcement of this symposium from artists around the world was overwhelming, resulting in over 400 applications.
Adiss, whose theme is "Bridging Societies through the Language of Art", is organised by Zayed University in collaboration with Salwa Zeidan Gallery, while its strategic partners are the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City and the Armed Forces Officers Club.
The artistic concept of the submitted works ranged from abstract ideas to semi-realistic designs, mainly aimed at complementing the beautiful city of Abu Dhabi, its history, and its culture," said Salwa Zeidan, Symposium Director of Adiss and the Director of the Salwa Zeidan Gallery.
Adiss 2010 will be held under the umbrella of Zayed University, an internationally accredited university with campuses in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and in collaboration with Salwa Zeidan Gallery - one of Abu Dhabi's contemporary art spaces.
Each artist was carefully selected to give the symposium a multi-cultural context and was asked to submit three proposals for sculptures that were inspired by the UAE, its history, and its culture, and were also linked to the theme of Adiss: "Bridging societies through the language of art".
ALRAID : the police : criminal claims against Alhilo Adiss summit concludes sessions and the acceptance of proposals on Abei Dr.