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ADITSAircraft Diagnostic Integrated Test System
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While he could understand Mrs Leppington's dismay at discovering the proximity of the adits, the Coal Authority had not revealed their existence earlier "because it believed it posed no physical threat".
IERCO expanded the northern adit by driving an additional 100 feet to the northwest.
Yesterday at the IT Works exhibition at St James's Park, Adit announced it had awarded an pounds 80,000 contract to Telewest Business to supply five 10 Mg and two 100 Mg circuits to three colleges ( North Tyneside, Tynemouth and South Tyneside.
The company said that for purposes of exploration, it plans to reopen existing adits, which are known to intersect the Last Chance Vein, and which have historically known rare earth mineralization occurrences.
for approximately 900 m of underground development in two decline adits and AMTRAC has mobilized the majority of their primary mining equipment to site.
Visible copper oxide mineralization occurs in all three adits as disseminations, pods and veinlets of malachite hosted by coarse grained dolomite.
Bradford were able to access the middle adit and found the timbering at the portal is still in good condition.
TABLE 1 Sample Descriptions - Columbia PII Colorado (February, 2005) Sample# North- Easting Description ing H031678 320 -1200 Gossan, boulders on steep slope H031687 1275 -1200 Gossan, abundant large and small blocks, close to bedrock Adit H031689 225 -1200 Gossan, very heavy; and H031690 125 -1200 Gossan; good exposure, chip Buenavista sample across 15 metres Hill H031697 adit 1.
These adits are approximately perpendicular to strike and vary from 30 to 70 metres below surface.
In 2003, a company geologist uncovered three adits on the Guadalupe structure.
Since discovering the gold vein system in late-2000, Ivanhoe Mines has explored the project area with a series of trenches, adits and crosscuts.
Later in 2003, a company geologist uncovered three adits on the Guadalupe structure.