ADIUAdvanced Digital Interface Unit
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A esta ley siguieron oteas, como una que ordenaba al pueblo comer carne los dias de vigilia, otra que prohibia mencionar las palabras que incluyeran el termino dios (los tabasquenos se acostumbraron a decir "adiu" en lugar de "adios") y una mas que prohibia los monumentos y simbolos religiosos en las tumbas.
[C]ome you all together couragiously and bid adiu to that lovely place, the land of our birth; that place where the young and old joined together in one common union, both night and day engaged in innocent amusement.
RAFA re r ad Terry Moscow - and go th of a shoot-Blues sk return to for their quarterin i the St S adiu suffere persona Five ye (left) stepp spot-kick have seen United a Champion Instead watched in shot struc Blues skipper Terry will return to the Chelsea side for their Europa League quarter-final second leg in the same Luzhniki Stadium where he suffered his greatest personal anguish.