ADIVAssociate of Divinity
ADIVAutosomal Dominant Ichthyosis Vulgaris
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Those authors concluded that greater life experience may help raters image words, which would be consistent with the fact that older speakers use infrequent nouns more often than younger speakers, implying a larger vocabulary (Kave, Samuel--Enoch & Adiv, 2009).
Ehud Adiv was found guilty of treason in the 1970s for traveling to Damascus, in Syria, to meet with members of the PLO, while Mordechai Vanunu was found guilty of the same charge for disclosing nuclear secrets to the British press.
Adiv knows all six owners of the block and orchestrated the group sale after years of overseeing residential and commercial leases at the properties.
En la misma apenas podemos adiv dos figuras femeninas, una jovencita que mira la cAaAaAeA!mara de frente una mujer que desvAaAaAeA-a la mirada del lente.
(4) In example (7) the momentative derivation is based on the denominal derived verb adivo-icce- (< adiv 'guest').
It is still too early to evaluate the venture (Interview with Assaf Adiv, director of Maan, March 25, 2008).
Nos recherches sur Scatarie ont debute en archives, des 1996, apres la lecture du rapport du capitaine Helie Jouet qui mentionnait a son retour du Cap-Breton, en 1715, l'achat de 150 quintaux de morue des habitants de "Catarie" (ADIV 1715: registre 482 fol.
Si esto era decreto del destino, no habria escapado al peligro; y si no estaba decretado, no podia sucumbir (De adiv. II, VIII)
Studies by Maisonneuve (1987), as well as those by Adiv and Dore (1982-1985), show that allophones integrated at a very young age into the French sector perform as well as francophones.
In February 1973 Israel was rocked by the political trial of Daud Turki, Udi Adiv and Dan Vered, together with their comrades in the Red Front.
The numerous Israeli delegation included Economy Minister Eli Cohen, Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel, the president of Israel's Manufacturers Association, Shraga Brosh, the Chairman of the Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute, Adiv Baruch, and the head the International Defense Cooperation Agency of the Israeli Ministry of Defense, Michel Ben-Baruch.
March 25, 2008, Assaf Adiv, Director of Ma'an--Worker's Advice Center.