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ADKAdirondack Mountain Club
ADKAggressors of Dark Kombat (also seen as AODK; video game)
ADKArbeitsgemeinschaft Ästhetische Dermatologie und Kosmetologie
ADKAdditional Decryption Key
ADKAlpha Delta Kappa (sorority)
ADKAll Day Kindergarten
ADKASIC Design Kit
ADKAgent Development Kit
ADKArchive Development Kit (SAP archiving)
ADKAlternativa Demokratike e Kosovës (Democratic Alternative of Kosova)
ADKAmba Design Kit (ARM processor)
ADKAdak Island NS Airport (Alaska)
ADKAchse des Kiffens (German gaming clan)
ADKApplication Definable Keys
ADKAdirondack Soaring Club
ADKAnte Diem Kalendarum (Latin: before the calendar, epigraphy)
ADKAgder Drillkorps (Norway)
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One of the questions the board will present to ADK is whether the board will hire a temporary director while a larger search is conducted.
ADK Shochiku Square is slated to be opened in October next year.
In less than 2 hours from arriving at a deployed location, the ADK can be up and running.
Clarity of PP Random Copolymer with ADK NA-21 Versus Industry Standard
Since its launch in Japan on May 15, 2012, the Dentsu Group and the ADK Group have supported Flipboard in creating relationships with media companies.
CSR and Livio engaged in a close collaboration to be able to offer Livio Connect API in this production-ready RoadTunes ADK 3.
Our ADK will enable the app development community to focus on popular and successful smartphone apps, knowing that their content and services are being enjoyed no matter where the customer might be.
After years of investing in the growth and development of SIFWorks ADK, making it available to the community under open source exemplifies Pearson's continued commitment to this industry-wide initiative to leverage data to improve education.
RMI's ADK operates seamlessly with Threshold's smart home platform, which provides an extremely powerful and easy consumer experience for applications such as energy management, home automation, security and monitoring with convenient consumer user interface.
Comprehensive solutions such as MontaVista's ADK 5.
087/U/11 for the provision of maintenance services and emergency units in the sanitary industry in real estate representing 100% owned by the City of Warsaw, on the premises, representing 100% ownership of Warsaw in buildings and in the areas of Community Warsaw administered by the Department of Real Estate in the Central District, Municipal Administration Houses ADK ADK-2-3