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ADKAssessment and Deployment Kit (Windows)
ADKAndroid Development Kit (software)
ADKAdirondack Mountain Club
ADKA Different Kind
ADKAdvanced Developer'S Kit
ADKAdapter Development Kit
ADKApplication Desktop
ADKApplication Developer'S Kit
ADKAggressors of Dark Kombat (also seen as AODK; video game)
ADKArbeitsgemeinschaft Ästhetische Dermatologie und Kosmetologie
ADKAdditional Decryption Key
ADKAlpha Delta Kappa (sorority)
ADKAll Day Kindergarten
ADKASIC Design Kit
ADKAgent Development Kit
ADKArchive Development Kit (SAP archiving)
ADKAlternativa Demokratike e Kosovës (Democratic Alternative of Kosova)
ADKAmba Design Kit (ARM processor)
ADKAdak Island NS Airport (Alaska)
ADKAchse des Kiffens (German gaming clan)
ADKApplication Definable Keys
ADKAdirondack Soaring Club
ADKAnte Diem Kalendarum (Latin: before the calendar, epigraphy)
ADKAgder Drillkorps (Norway)
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ADK had claimed last week that WPP had failed to yield "expected synergies".
Per VisionQwest's findings then, ADK was receiving a portion of Pacquiao's earnings from Top Rank even if it had no formal or legal engagement with either the boxer or MP Promotions USA Inc.
One of the questions the board will present to ADK is whether the board will hire a temporary director while a larger search is conducted.
The case centered on service payments made to 4Kids by Funimation and Majesco which ADK thought should have counted as royalties (and been shared 50/50 between 4Kids and ADK) and foreign tax credits.
ADK Shochiku Square is slated to be opened in October next year.
In less than 2 hours from arriving at a deployed location, the ADK can be up and running.
Clarity of PP Random Copolymer with ADK NA-21 Versus Industry Standard
Since its launch in Japan on May 15, 2012, the Dentsu Group and the ADK Group have supported Flipboard in creating relationships with media companies.
The new FLIR ADK allows developers to add an affordable, long-range thermal camera to their ADAS development vehicles to help advance reliability and redundancy required for self-driving cars.
Charged with rallying public support for the creation of more trails and shelters in the Adirondacks, ADK helped pay to locate and establish the route, and constructed five lean-tos at various locations on the trail.
The new Android ADK is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible hardware and software.
As ADK's Regional Director-Asia, Mr Masato Hori, expressed the strategic importance of this partnership to ADK, President and CEO of AGA, Mr Roger Sahyoun, said, "I am confident that this partnership will definitely put AGA -- ADK among the top agency networks in the MENA region.