ADKSAirborne Deluxe Knife Sheath (Blackhawk Products Group)
ADKSAries Digital Key System
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First, ADKS data collected at pre-test were compared to post-test scores to examine change in participants' knowledge.
All completed ADKS pre- and post-training and completed Zarit Burden Scale, and a further 34 provided follow-up data approximately 6 months later.
The mean pre-course score on the ADKS in the sub-sample that completed test at 6 months was significantly lower at 17.2 than 22.7 reported by Smyth et al.
ADK scores for whole sample Pre-course Post-course Mean 16.7 21.2 SD 5.7 4.5 Min 0 10 Max 26 29 ADK scores improved significantly immediately after attending the course (p < 0.0001).
After determining that the ADKS measure was more appropriate for professional or student populations, Jang, Kim, Hansen, & Chiriboga (2010) designed a ten-item, true/false knowledge test to better fit the characteristics of Korean seniors.
Figure 6 illustrates long-term three-component positional time series derived from the GPS stations: ADKS, LKHU, NETP, and TXEX.