ADLAAfrican Distance Learning Association
ADLAAnimal Defense League of Arizona (est. 1997)
ADLAAmerican Drum Line Association
ADLAArchdiocese of Los Angeles (California)
ADLAAbove Denver Lodging Association (Evergreen, CO)
ADLAAlaska Division of Legislative Audit (est. 1955)
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Limb hygiene and early identification of entry lesion have been shown as important measures in preventing ADLA attacks.
ADLA es continuidad del anterior proyecto PEGLA (Proyecto Estructurante para el Desarrollo de las Tierras del Gran Lago Alqueva), con la unica salvedad del cambio en el acronimo PEGLA.
Both the functional limitations caused by chronic lymphedema and the short-term impairment that accompanies episodes of ADLA compromise the ability of women to perform household chores and to participate in income-generating activities outside the home, which results in domestic and economic difficulties for their families and communities (19-24).
Use of these measures improves skin condition, decreases the frequency of ADLA attacks, and reverses or arrests the progression of lymphedema, all of which improve quality of life (24,27-29).
Patients were eligible to participate if they were enrolled in the lymphedema treatment clinic at the hospital, had been examined by the clinic physician to rule out other causes of lower limb swelling, gave informed consent to collection of all biopsy specimens, had no medical contraindications to biopsy, had no ADLA episodes during the previous 2 weeks, and lived within a 10-km radius of the hospital.
Patients were encouraged to seek antimicrobial drugs and symptomatic treatment at the hospital during ADLA attacks.
Of the 27 patients, 21 (78%) had reported one or more ADLA attacks during the 12-month period before entering the program.
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