ADLAAfrican Distance Learning Association
ADLAAnimal Defense League of Arizona (est. 1997)
ADLAAmerican Drum Line Association
ADLAArchdiocese of Los Angeles (California)
ADLAAbove Denver Lodging Association (Evergreen, CO)
ADLAAlaska Division of Legislative Audit (est. 1955)
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Eleven (41%) patients showed regression in four or more characteristics; they did not differ significantly from the other 16 patients with respect to sex, age, stage, or duration of lymphedema; duration of participation in the lymphedema program before the first biopsy; interval between biopsies; or ADLA incidence between biopsies (Table 4).
Filariasis elimination programs' increasing adoption of simple, inexpensive measures for lymphedema management has led to reduced ADLA incidence, reduced lymphedema--related illness, decreased stigma, and improved quality of life for women in many filariasis-endemic areas (24,27-29,32).
Chronic infiltrate may have resulted from poor clearance by the lymphatic system of bacteria penetrating the skin surface or a prolonged immune response following an ADLA attack.
Taken as a whole, these observations are consistent with the hypothesis that basic lymphedema management, which reduced microbial load on the skin surface and healed entry lesions, led to a decrease in ADLA incidence and a reduction in chronic inflammation of the skin.
At an individual level, we found no factors, including the absence of ADLA attacks, that were significantly associated with histopathologic regression.
of days between 359 (317-503) 366 (317-656) biopsies (range) Median annual incidence of ADLA 0 (0-2) 0 (0-3) between biopsies (range) Median duration of lymphedema, 11.
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