ADLNAdvanced Distance Learning Network
ADLNAkademi Dinas Luar Negeri (Indonesian: Foreign Service Academy)
ADLNAnterior Diaphragmatic Lymph Node
ADLNAfrican Distance Learning Network (various locations)
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Reg] cells in the skin, SDLN, lungs, or ADLN of vitamin D-replete or vitamin D-deficient mice (Figures 6(a) and 6(b)).
These observations were accompanied by a lack of effect of dietary vitamin D on the suppressive activity of cells from the ADLN.
Reg] cells were observed in the ADLN of mice fed a vitamin [D.
Eff] cells, yellow) cells in skin, SDLN, lung, ADLN, MLN, spleen, and blood.
In (a), the number of cells (x107)/mouse or mL of blood isolated from the SDLN, ADLN, MLN, spleen, or blood is shown.