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ADLSActive Directory Lightweight Directory Services
ADLSAdvanced Life Sciences Holdings Inc. (Woodridge, IL)
ADLSAdvanced Distributed Learning Service (various organizations)
ADLSAdvanced Distributed Learning System
ADLSAuckland District Law Society (New Zealand)
ADLSAdvanced Disaster Life Support
ADLSActivities of Daily Living Skills (developmental disabilities)
ADLSAir Dispatch Letter Service (UK)
ADLSAeronautical Data Link System
ADLSArmy Distance Learning System
ADLSAdvanced Dispatch Life Support
ADLSadvanced distance learning system
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Chris Bradley, the experienced franchise lawyer who is drafting the ADLS agreement, believes that there are no negatives to offering easy access to a 'fair and reasonable' franchise agreement.
If the ADLS document makes it easier for new franchisors to understand the elements that need to be considered in creating an agreement, that will be a benefit.
The aim of our study is to verify the validity of ADLS for ataxic patients and compare results with ICARS results and selected elements of posturography.
Annual IA awareness training data is pulled directly from the ADLS for inclusion in the Air Force FISMA report.
Nasdaq: CTAL) and world leader in pharmaceutical development and manufacturing services, entered into an agreement for the purchase of Base Ten's ADLS product.
We believe that this product, particularly in combination with the industry-proven ADLS offering, provides our clinical customers with the ideal platform for a comprehensive clinical supply chain solution.
NasdaqSC: BASEA) announced today that ASTA Medica, one of the leading drug companies in Germany, has selected the BASE10(R) ADLS labeling solution to support its clinical packaging operation.
BASE10(TM) CS will be integrated with BASE10(TM) ADLS drug labeling and materials management system for Clinical Supplies, which is already in use at Organon.
Using this approach, from 17 percent (for eating) to 27 percent (for transferring) of the variance in nursing cost was explained by individual ADLS.