ADLTAir Defense Liaison Team (US Army)
ADLTAssertion Definition Language Translator (toolset)
ADLTAdvanced Discriminating LADAR Technology
ADLTAutomated Display List Testing
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(NASDAQ: FMI), under the Protecting Access to Medicare Act (PAMA) of 2014, has received approval from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for a new advanced diagnostic laboratory test (ADLT) status for FoundationOne CDx, the company said.
The CMS determination confirms that FoundationOne CDx meets the criteria for classification as a new ADLT.
The incidence of STAS detection was higher in FSC slides and AdLT slides than in FS slides of comparable cases, suggesting that future prospective studies evaluating intraoperative FS for the presence of STAS may benefit from the selection of samples that include larger portions of nonneoplastic lung tissue adjacent to the tumor and/or microscopic examination of additional deeper levels prepared from the frozen tissue block.
Tumor spread through alveolar spaces was identified in 46 of the 48 cases (95.8%) and was present in 23 of 48 FSs (47.9%), 32 of 48 FSCs (66.7%), and 43 AdLTs (89.6%).
ADLTs--Although the portion of the rule governing ADLTs is too complex to fully summarize here, it is noteworthy that CMS revised its definition of ADLT in response to public comments to include a test that is an analysis of multiple biomarkers of DNA, RNA, or proteins, combined with a unique algorithm, or an FDA cleared/approved test.
Senators sent a letter to acting CMS Administrator Andy Slavitt, voicing their concern that "the proposed rule and implementation timeline impose a significant burden on clinical laboratories across the country and may threaten access to clinical laboratory services for Medicare beneficiaries." The Senators urged CMS to delay the implementation timeline and engage in constructive dialog with stakeholders, while highlighting concerns with the exclusion of a major part of the laboratory market from data reporting and the ADLT definition.
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(parent of WEC 2417 Sta-Rite Industries Inc.) NASDAQ EXCHANGE Advanced Lighting ADLT 0 Technologies Inc.
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