ADMAPAntarctic Digital Magnetic Anomaly Project
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The new suite consists of the AdMap Builder tool to create and manage AdMaps, AdMap Server to deliver the right AdMap for the viewer and, for broadband deployments, a software development kit (SDK) to render AdMaps in common broadband players.
BlackArrow's AdMaps suite addresses this need head-on with practical conventions for creating new ad avails and managing ad-insertion opportunities for viewer-controlled video platforms.
AdMap Server selects from among multiple AdMaps to return the best fit based on viewer data - as well as targeting criteria such as audience demographics, content genre and playout environment - before fulfilling each request with the most relevant ad, or series of ads, as defined by the AdMap.
This order represents the second DoD location to purchase ADMAPS technology since contract negotiations were finalized in June," stated Thomas F.
ADMAPS will use Audre's most powerful UNIX-based information conversion technology to convert technical manuals, engineering drawings, and schematics for the Defense Printing Service.