ADMAPAntarctic Digital Magnetic Anomaly Project
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WARC runs four global and two regional case study competitions: WARC Awards, WARC Innovation Awards, WARC Media Awards, The Admap prize, WARC Prize for Asian Strategy and WARC Prize for MENA Strategy.
The new geographic information challenge within SCAR was integrating the massive volume of geophysical data from other scientific disciplines, and SCAR specialist groups coordinated the building of these geophysical data into databases and cartographic products such as ADGRAV for gravity, ADMAP for geomagnetism, BEDMAP for bedrock topography, and the high-resolution Radarsat Antarctic Mapping Project (RAMP) and associated Digital Elevation Model (DEM) (Liu et al.
Also, according to Tim Stock and Marie Lena Tupot in their AdMap article "Cultural Mapping", big data and digital analysis produces uninspired consumer profiles.