ADMARCAgricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (Malawi)
ADMARCAdvertising Management and Accounts Receivable Control (Neasi-Weber International)
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The minister guaranteed the country that the government might make sure that the maize reached every ADMARC selling point to allow Malawians, particularly those in remote areas, to avail and buy the grain.
Its flagship product, ADMARC, is a user-defined and maintained business information system providing a highly flexible means of increasing efficiency and control in the management of advertising order entry, ad tracking, customer maintenance, credit control, billing, accounts receivable, cash applications, and overall advertising marketing analysis.
3 billion given to ADMARC and close to 3 Billion given to NFRA as loans from commercial banks has been used to buy the maize in question.
There is no doubt either that government parastatals, such as ADMARC, need to improve their management through reform.
She has been a member of the ADMARC team, Financial Systems Coordinator for the Accounting department, Purchasing Manager, and Newsprint and Special Projects Manager for the Operations department.
For example ADMARC, and the Malawi Development Corporation, both wholly owned by the government, have themselves portfolio investments ranging from minority shareholding to wholly owned subsidiaries.
EXHIBIT: Neasi-Weber will demonstrate their Internet-ready ORACLE products: DISCUS circulation management system, ADMARC advertising management system, ADSERT insertion system, and AdDesk sales system.