ADMARCAgricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (Malawi)
ADMARCAdvertising Management and Accounts Receivable Control (Neasi-Weber International)
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Subsidies for small farmers and the poor were reduced, price controls and regulations removed, and agencies that played a social role, such as the agricultural marketing agency, ADMARC, were re-structured and/or privatised.
The paper now archives readable pages and even joins its Admarc metadata to stored ads.
For example ADMARC, and the Malawi Development Corporation, both wholly owned by the government, have themselves portfolio investments ranging from minority shareholding to wholly owned subsidiaries.
The contract makes the Star the first North American paper to replace NWI's Admarc with AdDesk, according to Michael Brier, NWI senior sales and marketing vice president.
The consequent maize shortfall will require the government to import 300,000 tonnes of maize (see also page 21 of this issue) and to purchase additional maize from the government parastatal the Agricultural Development & Marketing Corporation (Admarc).
EXHIBIT: Neasi-Weber will demonstrate their Internet-ready ORACLE products: DISCUS circulation management system, ADMARC advertising management system, ADSERT insertion system, and AdDesk sales system.
EXHIBIT: Neasi-Weber International will demonstrate its entire suite of ORACLE-based client server sfotware products, including: ADMARC, an advertising management system; DISCUS, a fully integrated customer service, single copy sales, distribution, and database marketing circulation management system; and ADSERT, an advertising insertion system for preprint management.
Replacing an older CCI ad-production system and NWI's Admarc, the new ad-management system includes order entry (for classified liners and display, retail ROP, preprints, Internet), sales prompting and acceleration functions, sales force automation tools, credit control and invoicing, and MIS functions such as reporting and real-time operational statistics.