ADMASAdvanced Distributed Modular Acquisition System (US Army)
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"We break down the information we collect into two main categories, 'data' which are raw engineering measurements such as Global Positioning System location, speed or oil pressure, and 'metadata' which are used to provide more context to the data and to describe factors about the test that may not be obvious in the raw data, such as weather conditions or terrain profiles," said Ryan Stowell, the leader of ATC's ADMAS efforts.
The data collected from all tests using ADMAS instrumentation are stored in a database that provides the unique and powerful capability to look through the history of an individual system as well as across different platforms for evaluations and comparisons among systems.
The goal of the ADMAS family of instrumentation is to improve DoD's overall testing capability.
ADMAS is used not only for developmental testing but also captures Soldier data through operational testing and theater operations.
The black box system was developed using the existing ADMAS architecture to meet the precise requirements of collecting data in a dynamic theater setting.
One extremely important ADMAS feature is that, in addition to basic automotive data (engine parameters, terrain profiles, ride quality information and environmental temperatures), black box captures ballistic accelerometer data that can be used to characterize a system's response to an explosive impact or rollover.
While the Army boasts a long history of developing, using and Improving Instrumentation to collect data, ADMAS' versatile application renders It valuable In virtually every DoD arena.
Consequently, ADMAS models are designed for various types of applications, Including traditional tracked and wheeled vehicles, man-portable equipment, unmanned aerial vehicles, watercraft, helicopters and planes.
Burton says the current focus of their IT strategy is ensure the ADMAS project is established and delivers a superior quality service to client municipalities.