ADMATAnglo Danish Maritime Archaeological Team
ADMATAdministrative-Material Inspection
ADMATAdvanced Mobile Acoustic Torpedo Target
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Your Admat has lots of uses from being perfect for holding menus, saving space on table tops and saving the chore of waiters having to dish them out, to prime ad space for businesses.
The website,, is reportedly a communicative tool used by ADMAT to show the findings of excavations, give details of upcoming projects and share its images and video footage.
In addition, Datanet manages and monitors e-mail traffic for ADMAT, the company claims.
Here we present the expected designs of C/C++ target functions (with ADOL-C as the plug-in AD tool) and MATLAB target functions (with ADMAT as the plug-in AD tool).
If ADMAT is the plug-in AD tool, the design of the target MATLAB function is as follows:
To use ADMAT as the plug-in AD tool instead of ADOL-C, the same MATLAB script for evaluating the Jacobian can be used with the MATLAB version of the function:
Specifically, researchers of SDK, AIST, and ADMAT conducted AI-based searches for polymers with desired properties, aiming to demonstrate the effectiveness of AI technology in the process of polymer design.
Nokhri simply refers to someone who is foreign and unfamiliar, but with whom one might become familiar, someone, for example, from a "foreign country," which is an admat nakhar.
'Aloh 'alah 'el 'otah 'admat moledet velo' haytah lo od hakuttonet hanehmedet.