ADMETOXAbsorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Excretion and Toxicity (drug properties; also seen as ADMET)
ADMEToxPoor Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Elimination
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ADMETox is an acronym for set of analyses that measure the absorption, distribution, metabolism, elimination and toxicity of a drug candidate.
The new Biomek(R) FX -- ADMETox Workstation, combines Beckman Coulter's market leading Biomek FX liquid handling system with pION's Double-Sink* method for PAMPA analysis.
The Scout MPD workstation provides researchers with non-contact liquid handling at nanoliter and picoliter volumes to support compound reformatting, screening, ADMETox, PCR and SNP preparation, and oligonucleotide processing in high density microplates.
The PicoRAPTR workstation supports compound profiling, screening, ADMETox, PCR and SNP preparation, plate preparation, and oligonucleotide processing.
Taking a comprehensive look at the interface between discovery and development through scientific knowledge, innovative technologies and business strategies, this event will provide an assessment of where the industry has been in regard to ADMETox, PK/PD, pharmaceutical profiling, animal models and biomarkers and more importantly where it needs to go if attrition rate and productivity are to really be impacted.
ComGenex's ADMETOX laboratory currently provides screening services for ComGenex and it's clients related to; cytochrome P450 (CYP) enzyme inhibition, cytotoxicity, expectable drug-drug interactions and metabolic rate/metabolic fingerprints of small molecules currently generated by ComGenex.
Ferenc Darvas, President and CEO of ComGenex said, "We are pleased that our efforts to improve high throughput applications for ADMETOX screening in new drug discovery have been appreciated by National awarding body.