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ADMIREAward for Design Management Innovating and Reinforcing Enterprises (Germany)
ADMIREAerodata Model in Research Environment
ADMIREAdvanced Mixed-Signal Integrated Design Environment
ADMIREAutomatic Diagnostic Maintenance Information Retrieval
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He began to admire the fat unclean-looking man and, in the afternoon when Will Henderson had gone, looked forward with keen interest to the doctor's coming.
Before passing the threshold, I paused to admire a quantity of grotesque carving lavished over the front, and especially about the principal door; above which, among a wilderness of crumbling griffins and shameless little boys, I detected the date '1500,' and the name 'Hareton Earnshaw.
She gathered an apple and ate it; then she dropped to the ground with the graceful ease we admire in a squirrel.
Yet at least we can admire the wise Prearrangement which has ordained that, as they have no hopes, so they shall have no memory to recall, and no forethought to anticipate, the miseries and humiliations which are at once a necessity of their existence and the basis of the constitution of Flatland.
But, however, he did not admire her at all; indeed, nobody can, you know; and he seemed quite struck with Jane as she was going down the dance.
Excuse me my Sophia for having thus unwillingly offended you--" replied I--and then changing the conversation, desired her to admire the noble Grandeur of the Elms which sheltered us from the Eastern Zephyr.
And more I admire Thy distant fire, Than that colder, lowly light.
Well, when I first came, it seemed as if I DID admire everything!
This young man wore the garb of a captain of the king's unattached archers, which bears far too much resemblance to the costume of Jupiter, which the reader has already been enabled to admire in the first book of this history, for us to inflict upon him a second description.
They don't admire you half so much as you admire yourselves.
nobody will ever admire you till you get rid of your rough, awkward manners.
I respect and admire Miss Emily; and I have tried, in my poor way, to be of some little service to her.