ADMONIAdvanced Monitoring Methods (to Improve Boiler Availability and Performance)
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References in periodicals archive ? Scassellati, B.; Admoni, H.; and Mataric, M.
Admoni (1986: 30 ff.) konnen alle Satzglieder ausgerahmt werden (sogar das direkte Objekt und das Subjekt); am haufigsten sind aber folgende Arten der Satzglieder ausserhalb des verbal-pradikativen Rahmens zu treffen:
(35) Yael Admoni," Ha'emdah shelli, kimat be'iqaron, hi emdat mi'ut," Davar, 20 June 1986.
Instead, he at first named former Mossad (Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations) Director Nahum Admoni to head a government investigatory committee to examine wartime decision-making.
Also awarded a trip to Stockholm was Henny Admoni of John L.
Assaf Admoni, Director of Fundraising for the NAS, said, "The report clearly indicates that Thomas plays a vital role in the lives of some children with autism, acting as an initial point of entry into realms as vital as speech, emotion and imagination.
In sum, a few authors are no longer present (some have died in the past few years): Admoni, Bach, Bichel, Bremer, Cordes, Hyldgard-Jensen, Kuhnhold, Moser, and Piirainen -- their topics have been taken over by new authors or by volume editors (Besch, Betten, and Reichmann, one new chapter each).
Ulrike Demske-Neumann shows that Mackensen's hypotheses that newspaper language is closer to spoken language than written cannot be sustained for this period, neither can Admoni's view that the language of the press has its roots in chancery language (p.