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ADMPActive Directory Management Pack
ADMPAtom-Centered Density Matrix Propagation
ADMPAnti-Dorsalizing Morphogenetic Protein (biology)
ADMPAny Device Mobile Pay
ADMPAeromedical Decision Making Process
ADMPArmy Digitization Master Plan
ADMPActive-Duty Military Personnel (US military)
ADMPArmy Data Management Program
ADMPAsthma Disease Management Programs
ADMPAdjusted Month Program (US DoD)
ADMPAir Defense Modernization Plan
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When combined with the complete downtown system recommended by the ADMP, this project will deliver a 10-year level of protection for the downtown area.
He added the examination and treatment services at Ajman Specialty Hospital for more than 2,000 workers will be financed by ADMP.
The Ellsworth Road and McKellips Road project is the fourth scheduled project in support of this ADMP and likely will involve construction of a basin at Ellsworth Road and McKellips Road, and a combination of open channel and storm drain east along McKellips Road and south along 94th Street.
The ADMP recommended construction of five north-south regional drainage channels and basins to capture regional storm water flow and convey it to the Gila River: the White Tanks System, the Watson System, the Rooks System, the Oglesby System, and the Palo Verde System.
The ADMP recommended a channel designed to intercept and convey the 100-year flood flow along its length, while simultaneously serving as an outlet to the dam.
The Loop 303 Corridor/White Tanks ADMP consisted of an area drainage master plan to determine guidelines for stormwater management and structural mitigation measures for flooding in the White Tanks area.