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ADMSAdvanced Disaster Management Simulator (training simulation system)
ADMSAmerican Donkey and Mule Society (Lewisville, Texas)
ADMSArchived Data Management System (transportation)
ADMSAEGON Direct Marketing Services, Inc. (various locations)
ADMSAccess Device Messaging Specification (Visa Interactive)
ADMSAgricultural Drainage Management Systems Task Force (USDA)
ADMSAutomatic Digital Message Switch
ADMSAutomated Digital Multiplexing System
ADMSAir Defense Missile Squadron
ADMSArmy Digitization Master Schedule
ADMSApplicant Data Management System
ADMSAWIS Data Management System (US Army)
ADMSAmes Directives Management System
ADMSArea Defense Missile System
ADMSAsian Direct Marketing Symposium
ADMSAutomated Diabetes Management System (Diabetech)
ADMSAsset Description Metadata Schema (EU)
ADMSApplication Development and Maintenance Services (various locations)
ADMSApplication Development, Maintenance and Support (various companies)
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The integrated ADMS and ADiT solution will be available for beta testing by the end of July, 2006, and will be in production in October, 2006.
Together, the SAS solutions will provide ADMS with crucial customer intelligence, while helping the company consolidate its many varied marketing systems into a single, integrated suite of software products.
Last year, ADMS purchased SAS Marketing Optimization to improve its marketing campaign performance and optimize the appropriate mix of offers with those prospects most likely to respond.
The ADMS platform is a mature, five-year-old functional verification environment, which is currently in use in more than a hundred customer sites.
Compared to traditional analog/mixed-signal (AMS) tools, ADMS reduces simulation time drastically, enables more detailed simulation within the assigned timetable and improves design quality dramatically.
We expect using ADMS to provide a new methodology, not just a replacement of Toshiba's existing AMS solution.
Mentor has also been aggressively adding new functionality, enhancements and language support to ADMS to bring powerful simulation technology to the full range of next-generation SoC designs -- D/a, d/A and those with complex memory subsystems and RF components.
John Fellows, CEO of RMH, stated, "Our relationship with ADMS dates back to the founding of RMH, and we are enthusiastic about expanding our partnership.
based ADMS last split 3:2 on February 16th, 1999, after announcing Jan.
As a national distributor, ADMS is continually searching for automotive repair manuals and video training programs developed by entrepreneurs with exceptional skills and automotive product knowledge.