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Dissolving pulp prices in 2018 were relatively stable, with average weekly pricing up 3.6% to $1,206 (US$931) per ADMT as compared to $1,167 (US$899) per ADMT in 2017.
ADMT has been providing a full complement of engineering, regulatory and production services to Origin in the development of the technology and produced the units used in the GENESIS trial.
ADMT: Now that we are talking on these topics, the movie La Bamba comes to mind.
A common theme of his activities, according to ADMT officials, involves a multi-domain integrative approach (clinical/IT/business) to healthcare delivery re-engineering.
The fifth digester is expected to increase annualized production by approximately 17,000 ADMT once it is operating as projected, which is anticipated to be by the summer once cooking sequence (time, temperature and recipe) has been optimized.
ADMT has been providing APT with engineering services for APT's plasma-based medical technologies currently in clinical development and is expected to manufacture APT products for clinical study use and for commercial deployment following receipt of applicable regulatory approvals.
Using a typical addition rate of 15%, approximately four million air-dried metric tons (ADMT) of coated woodfree paper are made with Millar Western aspen BCTMP each year.
The NBSK pulp realized sales price decreased by approximately 3% to $757 per ADMT in the first quarter of 2019 from $783 per ADMT in the same quarter of the prior year due to lower overall demand in China.