ADMXAxion Dark Matter Experiment (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; US Department of Energy)
ADMXAdministrative Template Xml-Based (Microsoft)
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BARCELONA, Spain -- FullArmor, a leader in enterprise policy management, today announced the availability of ADMX Migrator, which simplifies the conversion of Group Policy ADM Templates to the new ADMX format being introduced with Windows Vista.
To take advantage of these capabilities, organizations must create Group Policy templates using the ADMX format.
With the release of ADMX Migrator, FullArmor is extending to Windows Vista its rich tradition of making Group Policy easier to manage, and Microsoft is excited about licensing it to provide this capability to Windows Vista users," said Praerit Garg, Sr.
To eliminate the current manual and time consuming process of creating ADMX templates, FullArmor developed a template creation utility as part of ADMX Migrator.
ELUSIVES ITN is uniquely placed for it: * World-leadership in all relevant areas; * Multidisciplinarity; * Key theorists and experimentalists; * Outstanding training record; * CERN, Fermilab, SuperKamiokande and ADMX partners; * World leading cutting-edge research-related industry; * Highest professional beneficiary dissemination; * Top-quality expertise from emerging countries; * Optimal gender balance with over 50% female international leaders as coordinators.
Attendees will learn: -- How Group Policy has evolved since Windows 2000 -- The implications of the ADMX Group Policy data format -- What new Group Policy functionality is being delivered with Vista -- Where Group Policy is heading in the future WHERE: Directory Experts Conference 2006, Green Valley Ranch Resort & Spa, Henderson, Nevada.