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ADNAnchorage Daily News (Alaska newspaper)
ADNAssociate Degree in Nursing
ADNApplication Delivery Network
ADNAteliers du Nord (Swiss industrial design company)
ADNYemen (international vehicle registration)
ADNÁcido Desoxirribonucleico
ADNAcide Désoxyribonucléique (French: DNA)
ADNAutodesk Developer Network
ADNArchivio Diaristico Nazionale (Italian: National Diary Archive)
ADNAGF Detailhandel Nederland (Fruit & Vegetables Retail Netherlands)
ADNAny Day Now
ADNAbbreviated Dialing Numbers
ADNAddress Complete No Charge
ADNAdd-in Utility
ADNAccion Democratica Nacionalista (Spanish: National Democratic Action; Bolivia)
ADNAdvanced Digital Network
ADNAssociation pour la Démocratie à Nice (French: Association for Democracy in Nice)
ADNArt Design Network
ADNAllgemeiner Deutscher Nachrichtendienst
ADNAdd in Utility (File Name Extension)
ADNAllied Command Europe Desired Ground Zero Number (US DoD)
ADNAbbreviated Dialing Number
ADNAutomatic Digital Network
ADNAshley, Drew & Northern (Railroad)
ADNArea Distribution Node(s)
ADNAlianza Democrática Nacionalista (Nationalist Democratic Alliance - Bolivia)
ADNAutomatic Document Numbering
ADNAircraft Dealer Network (Somerville, TN)
ADNAutobuses del Norte (Guatemalan bus lines)
ADNArea Distribution Node
ADNAgence du Don en Nature (French donation agency)
ADNAccession Designation Number
ADNAcxiom Data Network
ADNAgency Disclosure Notice
ADNAmerican Depository Notes
ADNAutomated Data Network
ADNAntenna Designer's Notebook
ADNAgents Disclosure Notice
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Pronto, otros podran repetir facilmente nuestro metodo comprobado y extraer ADN de joyas de conchas de tortuga, conchas enteras o conchas".
Es importante mencionar que las lesiones al ADN consisten en rotura de las cadenas despues del tratamiento con alcali o sin este, e incluso de la combinacion con ciertas enzimas, lo cual incrementa la migracion de ADN.
In addition, UMSON is currently covering the cost of its BSN courses for students participating in the dual-admission partnership while they are still enrolled in the ADN program, an opportunity made possible with funds from a gift from Bill and Joanne Conway through their Bedford Falls Foundation.
Lamar State College - ADN Education Program in Port Arthur
As an added benefit, students completing the first year of the ADN program are eligible to sit for the NCLEX-PN exam and go on to work as Licensed Practical Nurses while completing their ADN degree at COD.
With the purchase of ADN, the TransForce Group now houses the most comprehensive Internet resources available for recruiting truck drivers in digital, interactive and information driven markets.
To matriculate to UMSON's BSN program, students must graduate with an ADN from Wor-Wic and satisfy UMSON's progression criteria.
The subject of the contract will also be the unification of the terminology / texts ADR / RID / ADN / IMDG, which is possible in the regulations in order to ensure the interconnection of the texts and to facilitate the multimodal transport of dangerous goods.
It is such a dream come true for us and a big milestone for Bikolano literature,' said Deputy Director of the ADN University Press, Kristian Cordero.
The LPN Education Task Force members involved in developing the policy consist of LPN Program Directors from across the state joined by NMNEC ADN and BSN faculty.
The good news, Watkin says, is that "recently announced investments in new ADN capacity show positive signs that producers have realized that the current situation is untenable." He points to expansion and debottlenecking projects announced by Butachimie (a joint venture of Solvay and Invista), Invista, and Ascend.
La question, simple, est l'efficacite de la realisation de tests ADN en l'absence d'une base de donnees ou l'on puisse determiner l'identite des victimes?