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ADNAAdvocacy Network for Africa
ADNAAtlanta Downtown Neighborhood Association (Atlanta, GA)
ADNAAuburn District Nursing Association (est. 1919; Auburn, MA)
ADNAAbout Domain Name Appraisals
ADNAAustralian Domain Name Authority
ADNAAncient Deoxyribonucleic Acid
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The exhibition covers the full spectrum of Dadash Adna'screativity, includingphotography, video, posters, poetry and paintings.
Now, Anoto is also using its pattern, optics and image-processing expertise to bridge between the analogue and digital domains through an initiative known as Anoto DNA (aDNA).
To extract the aDNA from the bone powder, the modified Rohland and Hofreiter (2007) and Rohland et al.
The ADNA signal occurred as rhythmic bursts that exhibited cardiac cycles and were synchronized with PAP (Figure 3).
Ancient DNA (aDNA) from maize recovered from archeological remains may play a role in our inference of its spreading.
Forcemen recollect the fury of the nighttime operations intended to "kill as many Krauts as possible, put the fear of God, or rather of us, in them," as Adna Underhill wrote.
Rounding out the collection are studies of the place of Jerusalem (Josstein Adna) and the temple (Tom Holmen) in the disciples' construction of Jesus' identity.
Adna Pontes Neves Lopes(1), Carla Alexandra da Silva Moita Minervino(1)
Reed, incidentally, rejected anti-Catholic political attacks, such as the condemnation of A1 Smith by Methodist Episcopal Bishop Adna W.
Transliteration: Wa-ith qultum ya moosalan nasbira AAala taAAamin wahidinfadAAu lana rabbaka yukhrij lana mimmatunbitu al-ardu min baqliha waqiththa-ihawafoomiha waAAadasiha wabasaliha qalaatastabdiloona allathee huwa adna billatheehuwa khayrun ihbitoo misran fa-inna lakum masaaltum waduribat AAalayhimu aththillatu walmaskanatuwabaoo bighadabin mina Allahi thalikabi-annahum kanoo yakfuroona bi-ayati Allahiwayaqtuloona annabiyyeena bighayri alhaqqi thalikabima AAasaw wakanoo yaAAtadoon