ADNRAlaska Department of Natural Resources
ADNRAggregated Diamond Nanorods
ADNRRegulation for the Carriage of Dangerous Substances on the Rhine (EU)
ADNRAutomated Domain Name Registration (IBM Corporation)
ADNRAlaska Division of Natural Resources
ADNRATP (Adenosine Tri-Phosphate)-Dependent Nucleosome Remodeling (molecular biology)
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Thanks to bipartisan support in the Legislature, ADNR was able to fill 36 new and vacant positions.
Today, Ariel Research Corporation launched a new version of its Dangerous Goods database to meet the 2003 regulatory requirements from the ADR, RID, ADNR, IATA, 49CFR, and Canadian TDG.
The specific objective of each framework agreement it is advising final beneficiaries CN ADNR SA respectively CNCF CFR SA to effectively manage contracts undertaken by them.