ADOAArizona Department of Administration
ADOAAutosomal Dominant Optic Atrophy
ADOAAir Defense Operations Area
ADOAAmerican Dog Owners Association, Inc.
ADOAAustralasian Dispensing Opticians Association (Victoria, Australia)
ADOAAnglican Diocese of Ontario Archives (Ontario, Canada)
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Because of the prevalence of ADOA in Native families, Native youth typically learn ADOA behaviors not only from peers, as is most often the case in the dominant culture, but also from parents, elder siblings and cousins, and other relatives.
ADOA is the agency responsible for administration and oversight of the State employee benefits program.
ADOA performed a complete process re-engineering evaluation more than a year prior to initiating development, which enabled them to bring a 162-step manual procurement process down to 22 steps and improve productivity by as much as 20 percent.
Gilbert Davidson, who joined the administration in October as Duceys chief operations officer, will serve as ADOA interim director until a new director is appointed.