ADOCAssociazione per la Difesa e l'Orientamento dei Consumatori
ADOCAdo Connect
ADOCAlabama Department of Corrections
ADOCArizona Department of Corrections
ADOCArizona Department of Commerce
ADOCAir Defense Operations Command (Singapore)
ADOCAir Defense Operations Center
ADOCAffiliated Doctors of Orange County (California)
ADOCApogee Doctor on Call
ADOCAirline Direct Operating Cost
ADOCAdvanced Deployment Operations Course (USAF)
ADOCArchitectural Description and Operational Concept
ADOCAccess Dallas Output Center (formerly DataDirect)
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[13] reported that when using the ADOC, an iPad application allowing the user to choose meaningful activities could not in fact identify meaningful activities for clients with severe dementia because of their inability to express opinions.
In the present case, even after surgical excision, ADOC chemotherapy, and radiation, the disease progressed and the patient died.
After investigating several options, ADOC launched a pilot alternative fuel project in 2014 to find the most beneficial transportation options for their facilities.
Background Abu Dhabi Oil Company Limited (Adoc) for the development of the Hail offshore oilfield in Abu Dhabi, UAE.
The study was completed to determine the effectiveness of the ADOC app for client-centered goal setting.
(ADOC) is a consortium formed in 1967 of Maruzen Oil, Daikyo Oil and Nippon Mining - which have since been merged into different entities - and now its main shareholder is Cosmo Oil which holds 63% in the firm.
There are two JVs for the onshore, ADCO and one with a South Korean group, and seven ventures for the offshore - ADMA-OPCO, ZADCO, UDECO, Total-Abu al-Bukhoush (TBK), ADOC, MOCO, and ADOC-Ga.
Leo Adoc, a Dubai resident, posted: "I imagine that there is genie in my car, who gives me three wishes.
This is shown in the last term([partial derivative][k.sub.2](.) / [partial derivative]j(.)) ([partial derivative]j(.) / [partial derivative]doc).The adoc * overall impact of documentation on duration is ambiguous as there are positive effects on wages earned in the United States but lower costs to making a return trip to the United States.
A single point mooring (SPM) buoy containing a monitoring system engineered and supplied by Unique System FZE for Abu Dhabi Oil Company Ltd Japan (Adoc) that provides meteorological and oceanic data
tools on this front were weak, adoc and out of date.