ADOCAssociazione per la Difesa e l'Orientamento dei Consumatori
ADOCAdo Connect
ADOCAlabama Department of Corrections
ADOCArizona Department of Corrections
ADOCArizona Department of Commerce
ADOCAir Defense Operations Command (Singapore)
ADOCAir Defense Operations Center
ADOCAffiliated Doctors of Orange County (California)
ADOCApogee Doctor on Call
ADOCAirline Direct Operating Cost
ADOCAdvanced Deployment Operations Course (USAF)
ADOCArchitectural Description and Operational Concept
ADOCAccess Dallas Output Center (formerly DataDirect)
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And despite a decline in gasoline prices, ADOC is realizing considerable cost savings while protecting the environment in the process.
The study was completed to determine the effectiveness of the ADOC app for client-centered goal setting.
The ADOC project, which began in Vietnam in 2005, has helped close to 30,000 people receive computer and e-commerce training.
Ponencia presentada en el IV Congreso ADOC, AC, septiembre, Distrito Federal, Mexico.
Live feeds into the ADOC from the aerostat balloon, the Joint Land Attack Elevated Netted Sensor System (JLENS) camera, or tower-mounted cameras on the perimeter allowed information to be collected on targets, population activity, confirm or deny enemy courses of action, and maintain a battalion common operating picture.
Step One: For individuals who have not yet completed their AD, ADOC will be available.
At the same time, a systems manager was appointed to run the computer systems, while the IADS Software Board was established to ensure software compatibility between the ADOC and the Malaysian and Singaporean Air Forces (Crowe 2001, p.
Regardless, in light of binding Eleventh Circuit precedent, and Alabama Department of Corrections (ADOC) regulation, and a [Department of Justice] report informing the ADOC of the constitutional infirmity in its use of the hitching post, we readily conclude that the respondents' conduct violated "clearly established statutory or constitutional rights of which a reasonable person would have known.
The ADOC (active DC output control) family uses a function that maintains the output set voltage of a DC/DC converter on the user's board, improving volt age accuracy in normal system use, typically [+ or -] 0.
Some of the areas that will be influenced by this organization will include the Patriot Configuration III and PAC3 Missile acquisition, Surface Launched Advanced Medium Range Air to Air Missile (SLAMRAAM), early warning improvements, and future integration efforts beyond the ADOC modifications.
Pelzer held that: (1) Hope was subjected to cruel and unusual punishment in violation of the Eighth Amendment; (2) officials can be on notice that their conduct violates established law even in novel factual circumstances; and (3) the Alabama prison guards in this case were not entitled to qualified immunity because they had "fair notice" from: (a) binding Eleventh Circuit precedent, (b) the Alabama Department of Corrections ("ADOC") regulation on hitching posts, and (c) a Department of Justice ("DOJ") report informing the ADOC that its particular use of the hitching post was unconstitutional.
Es nuestro mercado local", dice Roberto Polomo, presidente de ADOC, empresa salvadorena de produccion de calzado.