ADOCSAutomated Deep Operations Coordination System (US DoD)
ADOCSAdvanced Digital Optical Control System (US Army)
ADOCSAir Defense Operations Center System
ADOCSAEGIS Documentation System (US Navy)
ADOCSAdvanced Onboard Computer System (Aberdeen Test Center)
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Furthermore, the existence of component-specific systems such as ADOCS, Interim Targeting Solution (ITS), and All-Source Analysis System (ASAS) negated the possibility of a single database management system for joint BDA.
The answer was to establish a single repository of assessment information by developing a Web-enabled database to accomplish remote query and storage of data read from ADOCS, ITS, and ASAS.
Originally sponsored in the late 1990s by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, ADOCS is a joint mission management suite of software tools and interfaces, designed to help coordinate operations across a theater of war.
None of the services adopted ADOCS as a "program of record," Werth noted: But the Defense Department is funding the project through 2004 as an Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration.
The ADOCS application used in Millennium Challenge was modified substantially for Operation Iraqi Freedom, mostly to accommodate non-traditional participants, such as the CIA.
Robert Cabellos, program manager for ADOCS at General Dynamics C41, described the technology as "glueware" that takes data from many databases and consolidates the information on one single screen.
GD engineers were deployed to OIF to assist with ADOCS operations, Cabellos said.
ADOCS reaches into various databases, Cabellos said, "to provide the users one-stop shopping for de-confliction."
Among the databases that ADOCS taps are the Global Command and Control System (location of friendly forces), the Theater Battle Management Core System (air tasking orders and air space control orders) and the Joint Targeting Toolkit (restricted target list and no strike target list).
Joint Forces Command plans to transition many of the ADOCS applications into service programs, Werth said.
Even though technologies such as ADOCS can be "very powerful" as a means of forcing integration, there is no one single right answer to the problem, Smith said.