ADOPAttitude Dilution of Precision
ADOPAmbiguity Dilution of Precision
ADOPAdvanced Distributed On Board Processor
ADOPAutomated Design Optimization Program
ADOPAguila de Oro Productions (San Diego, CA)
ADOPAssociate Director of Operations
ADOPAttention Deficit Oh Pretty!
ADOPAd-Options Ltd (UK)
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We define the evolution of a component-based system by the transition system < C, Adop, [right arrow >:
right arrow] [subset or equal to] x Adop X C is the reconfiguration relation.
Queirez is also accused of injuring AdoP president Luis Horta.
Leading figures in the USCB and the CWLA thought that the relationship between specialized training and high-quality adop tion was obvious, but the public shared this view only intermittently.
After succeeding in pranking with no safety net across and back seven times, Petit then adop ted the towers in his heart, and many New Yorkers adopted him in theirs.
In its original form, the cognitive interview focuses on guiding witnesses through four general memory-jogging techniques: thinking about physical surroundings and personal emotional reactions that existed at the time of critical past events; reporting ev erything that comes to mind about those events, no matter how fragmentary or seemingly inconsequential; recounting events in a variety of chronological sequences (beginning to end, reverse order, forward or backward from highly memorable points); and adop ting different perspectives while recalling events, such as having a crime victim describe the perpetrators from her own point of view and from that of a bystander at the scene.
B At BRI hav all t Save for Ch coac orde of th Th was team Cham was critic the adop Por The American-born hurdler was named captain of the GB team for the World Indoor Championships in March and was immediately asked, by a critic of her selection, to recite the National Anthem of her adopted country.
Besides imposing its rules and regulations, the ADOP has the mandate from the World Anti-Doping (WADA) to implement its charter in Pakistan by creating awareness regarding anti-doping among the players and officials of the national federations.
ADOP specifically helps organizations make full use of the power of Oracle products for reporting, analyzing, storing and accessing data, so they can make informed decisions, spot trends and maintain a competitive advantage.
long-Sh late whic adop Ali spen priva final adop Suzan Sh 500 Sacr fortn from The p Alice Ali said, I just Th pair exchanged emails and then e called him.
The athletes will be given an opportunity to explain their position in the upcoming probe committee meeting as per ADOP rules," said the official.