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ADOREA Dialogue on Race Ethnicity (Davie's Memorial Unitarian Universalist Church; Camp Springs, MD)
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Mine old heart leapeth and boundeth because there is still something to adore on earth.
if you take to calling names again, you know the effect they produce upon me, and I shall adore you.
Adore Life tackles the theme of love, ultimately coming to the conclusion that it's a complicated, messy thing, whether it's about polyamory or relationships that are past their expiry date.
Trabaho lang tayong lahat, do not glorify me, do not adore me, you adore the country, pareho tayong lahat dito na trabahante lang, Duterte told would-be members of his official family.
Fashion Adore love people who understand the values and the meaning of beauty and style, with all the involvements.
Fashion Adore is known for the quality fashion products as designer clothes, amazing accessories and a lot of beauty products that it provides.
Both landlords looking to let their properties as well as prospective tenants may be surprised by the Adore Cardiff team's approach.
That goes to show you how much I trust and adore her," she told More magazine.
bar] IN theory the legions of kids who have adored and continue to adore this classic children's tale should be in therapy after reading about the horrifying grizzled faced creature with his terrible claws and terrible teeth in his terrible jaws.
Summary: Russell Brand has confirmed that he is divorcing Katy Perry, saying: "I'll always adore her and I know we'll remain friends.
The women usually like to adore their hands with Indian designs, as it is very attractive and beautiful.
My Kill Adore Him" is a collection of poetry from Paul Martinez Pompa focusing on the issues of masculinity, race, and who people are.