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"Effective traffic incident management keeps the public safe, emergency responders safe, and traffic moving," says Derek Arnson, manager of ADOT's Traffic Management Group.
Pursuant to this project, the JV will provide design, construction and maintenance services and this project is the first freeway project procured under Arizona's public-private-partnership statute and ADOT's first design-build-maintain project ever, the company mentioned.
Reportedly, ADOT, which has a database of approximately 7.7 million driver's license and identification records with approximately 16 million images, sought to improve the credential issuance process.
"In addition, we wanted to show ADOT personnel how easily their own crews could do this type of installation, while at the same time illustrate the difference this project was making for the good of Arizona roads.
Because much of the system is deep underground, most area motorists are not even aware that it exists, and that's the way ADOT wants to keep it.
It allowed the ADOT to mitigate highway noise while also supporting a local residential community.
In 2002, the Maricopa (Arizona) Association of Governments, the Phoenix area Metropolitan Planning Organization, and ADOT launched the $34 million Quiet Pavement Pilot Program, which so far has resurfaced more than 100 miles of highway with ARFC, says ADOT communications specialist Allison Saxe.
The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) conducts its strategic planning and decision making for the Maricopa Freeway/ Expressway Program with the assistance of forecasting models.
To determine the incidence of injuries attributable to MV crashes and to identify risk factors amenable to prevention strategies, the investigators reviewed White Mountain Apache Tribal Police Department crash reports, Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) data, and emergency department records at the Whiteriver IHS Hospital.
But lawmakers quickly soured on the proposal when the ADOT director pegged the fee at $32.