ADPAAccredited Domestic Partnership Advisor (financial planner certification)
ADPAAmerican Defense Preparedness Association (now part of NDIA)
ADPAAfrican Diamond Producers Association
ADPAAdipic Acid
ADPAAsymmetrical Doherty Power Amplifier
ADPAAuto Detecting Parallel Architecture (digital sensors)
ADPAAirlock Depressurization Pump Assembly
ADPAAction pour le Developpement en Afrique
ADPAAdvanced Diploma of Performing Arts
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In the case of ADPA of the digit, reexcision may be accomplished by either wide local excision (WLE) or partial digit amputation.
The other supporting materials poly(ADPA), poly(AA), and poly(MA) were also prepared by a similar method as described above.
Abbreviations are: ADAA = anterior insertion dorsal fin to anterior insertion anal fin; ADPA = anterior insertion dorsal fin to posterior insertion anal fin; PDAA = posterior insertion dorsal fin to anterior insertion anal fin; PDP = posterior insertion of dorsal fin to insertion of pelvic fin; PAA: insertion of pelvic fin to anterior insertion of anal fin; PPA = pelvic fin to posterior insertion of anal fin.
In addition, the efficiency performance of the ADPA is investigated and the required periphery ratio of the PPA to CPA for proper Doherty operation for different load modulation regions is introduced.
"Partida de matrimonio de Pierre Duhart y Thereze Bonnafon", 14 de enero de 1840, en Archives Departementales des Pyrenees-Atlantiques (ADPA), Bayona-Francia, Gan, Mariages, copia 5Mi230R4.
griseus, controla la diferenciacion morfologica y la produccion del antibiotico streptomicina mediante la regulacion de la expresion del activador transcripcional AdpA (Waters and Bassler, 2005) (figura 2).
Available as either a self-study or an instructor-led online mentor course, the ADPA program addresses issues that distinguish financial planning for domestic partners from planning for married spouses, covering such areas as wealth transfer, taxation, retirement planning and estate planning.
Programs in LAC are required to collect and report information on all patients whose treatment is funded by these sources, as part of the Los Angeles County Participant Reporting System (LACPRS), which is administered by the LAC Alcohol and Drug Programs Administration (ADPA).
ADPA's Title II validly abolished immunity from damages in cases where the states' actions are violations of constitutionally guaranteed rights, e.g., virtually total restraint, deliberate indifference to medical and hygiene needs, and perhaps for other conduct as well.
Alcohol and Drug Problems Association of North America (ADPA)