ADPAAmerican Defense Preparedness Association (now part of NDIA)
ADPAAfrican Diamond Producers Association
ADPAAdipic Acid
ADPAAuto Detecting Parallel Architecture (digital sensors)
ADPAAction pour le Developpement en Afrique
ADPAAirlock Depressurization Pump Assembly
ADPAAdvanced Diploma of Performing Arts
ADPAAccredited Domestic Partnership Advisor (financial planner certification)
ADPAAsymmetrical Doherty Power Amplifier
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Abbreviations are: ADAA = anterior insertion dorsal fin to anterior insertion anal fin; ADPA = anterior insertion dorsal fin to posterior insertion anal fin; PDAA = posterior insertion dorsal fin to anterior insertion anal fin; PDP = posterior insertion of dorsal fin to insertion of pelvic fin; PAA: insertion of pelvic fin to anterior insertion of anal fin; PPA = pelvic fin to posterior insertion of anal fin.
ADPA today announced it has entered into a new three-year agreement to be the exclusive provider of payroll services, compliance and benefits solutions to BizUnite and its 150 member organizations representing more than two million businesses.
After 14 years of service to NDIA, and ADPA before it, the time has come for a new leader to pick up the reins and continue the association's forward momentum.
During my tenure, we have evolved from being a small organization, primarily focused on the Army (our ADPA and Ordnance Corps heritage) to a broad association--with involvement by all the military services, as well as the Defense Department and several Executive Branch agencies.
ADPA, a leading provider of employee benefits administration services, today announced it has partnered with The Vitality Group, an established actuarial-based wellness program provider, to help midsized companies tackle a top business challenge rising healthcare expenses with the launch of the ADP Vitality wellness solution.
Antioxidant None ADPA None ADPA & ZMTI & ZMTI EPDM 100 100 -- -- EOM -- -- 100 100 N-650 carbon black 50 50 50 50 Paraffinic oil 30 30 30 30 ADPA antioxidant -- 1 -- 1 ZMTI antioxidant -- 2 -- 2 TAlC DLC coagent 2 2 2 2 Bis-40 peroxide 10 10 10 10 Mooney at 121 [degrees] C ML 1+4, Mooney units 24 24 36 37 Rheometer at 180 [degrees] C ts2, minutes 0.
We integrated two organizations that, while similar in purpose, had significantly different modes of operation--and we've taken the best attributes of ADPA and NSIA and blended them into NDIA.
Her professional activities included the Society of Cost Estimating and Analysis (President, 1992-93), National Technical Association, National Contract Management Association, and AUSA and ADPA.
Southard has formed a development committee comprised of representatives from the DMH, ADPA, DCFS, academic institutions, other County and non-county government agencies, and the private sector that reflect a variety of interests and approaches.
Hazelden was given the award for its pioneering work in developing services for women with alcohol and drug problems and for its continuing innovative efforts in developing and maintaining services designed specifically for women," said Jeff Kushner, ADPA president and drug court administrator for the city of St.
We are pleased to be recognized by ADPA, a prestigious national organization in our field, for our leadership in working with women.
Customer Information Contact: ADPA by telephone in the U.