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ADPCMAdaptive Differential Pulse-Code Modulation
ADPCMAdaptive Delta Pulse Code Modulation
ADPCMAssociation for Data Processing & Computer Management
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The third edition of this guide to the applications possible with MATLAB has been updated to use the newest edition of MATLAB and features added chapters on OFDM, multiple antenna systems, and digital transmission on fading channels, added sections on DPCM, ADPCM, DM, turbo codes and decoding, and LDPC codes and decoding.
The latest version of Smart Audio Converter supports a larger variety of audio formats, now enabling users to convert between WMA, WAV, WAV - PCM, WAV - ADPCM, WAV - IMAADPCM, MP3, MP2, MPEG, OGG Vorbis, VOX, GSM, AC3, MPC, G.
Motor control, ADPCM and color graphics along with other advanced networking applications and a Linux(TM) or POSIX compatible application are cost effective in any device.
The S1V30120 also supports decoding of ADPCM data, which allows mixtures of pre-recorded speech and synthetic speech to be combined as required.
Other supported input formats include ADPCM, CCUIT A-LAW, AIFC, DSP, GSM, CCUIT G721, CCUIT G723, CCUIT G726, MP2 (MPEG 1 Layer 2), MPC (MPEG Plus/MusePack), CCIUT u-Law, VOX, PCM, and RAW.
There is only a limited space to work with, but you can still add a lot of character with ADPCM.