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ADPEAutomatic Data Processing Equipment
ADPEAutomated Data Processing Equipment (US DoD)
ADPEAssociation de Developpement et de Protection de l'Environnement (French: Association for the Development and Protection of the Environment; Tunisia)
ADPEAntibody-Dependent Plaque Enhancement (molecular biology)
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Although a portion of citizen representatives in Shanghai were allowed to meet the leaders from the participating organizations, the ADPE experiment has yet been an effective "direct citizen participation mechanism".
The case from Shanghai ADPE revealed the same problem, which suggests that local POs should be educated that being accountable to the public is not an "assigned" task, but their fundamental responsibility.
Similarly, our case study on Shanghai ADPE found that intensive citizen involvement is needed for citizens to participate in formulation of performance measures, suggest the departments to monitor, and help improving the assessment mechanisms.
Although Shanghai municipal authority expected ADPE to act as a thrust to stir more meaningful changes, without a comprehensive agenda to reform the relationships between the state and society, it is unlikely that ADPE can work alone.
First, the current study only examines how ADPE fails in boosting public accountability in two aspects: goal setting and choosing the right organizations to exert accountability pressures.
Keep exploring the new avenues of implementing ADPE (buduan kuozhan hangfeng pingyi xin tujng).
7) The Report on Correcting and Improving according to the ADPE Results in 2008, by the City Planning Authority.