ADPPAutomatic Data Processing Printer
ADPPAzimuth-Delay-Power Profile
ADPPAnti-Doping Policy and Procedure (sports)
ADPPAcademy for the Development of Philanthropy in Poland (est. 1988)
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When the County Attorney's Office determines the defendant is eligible for diversion, the reviewing attorney sends him or her a letter offering the ADPP option instead of prosecution on a specific charge or charges.
CEO & Director of Adaptive Performance, outlined that to ensure a smooth transition, the current Management and Directors of ADPP have agreed to remain onboard until the new shareholders call for their Board of Directors meeting, appointing replacements.
ADPP is in talks with potential JV partners over investments worth $100m.
Cleaning services will provide for the objectives under the administration of the Public Service ADPP Mangalia, in accordance with the tender documentation.
Muhammad al-Qazmi, vice-president of ADPP, says the park has felt little impact from global financial turmoil, despite a fall in demand for polymers.
The project will adopt a Direct Implementation Modality (DIM) and will have two implementing partners, namely ADPP (AssociacEuo de Ajuda de Desenvolvimento de Povo para Povo) and AGEOPPE (Agencia Guineense de ExecucEuo de Obras de Interesse PE[bar]blico e PromocEuo de Emprego).
Comprehensive maintenance service high-tech equipment Pec-Tac, Spect, angiograph and biplane Vascular Centers ADPP several of Granada