ADPTArkansas Department of Parks and Tourism (Little Rock, AR)
ADPTAutomated Data Processing/Telecommunications
ADPTAdaptec Corporation (stock symbol)
ADPTAuger Depth Profiling Technique
ADPTAdaptive Prediction
ADPTAverage Dollar Per Transaction
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Adaptec Inc (Nasdaq:ADPT) has changed its name to ADPT Corporation, effective 22 June 2010, the company announced on Friday.
Also, its stockholders will not be required to exchange their Adaptec Inc stock certificates for ADPT Corporation stock certificates.
said Warren Lichtenstein, Chairman of the Board of ADPT.
Baseball Heaven, a New York-based tournament and league site, was acquired by ADPT last month.
Adaptec Inc (NASDAQ:ADPT), historically a provider of data centre I/O solutions, confirmed on Friday that its name was changed to ADPT Corporation with effect from 22 June 2010.
Earlier in June ADPT completed the sale of its data storage hardware and software business to PMC-Sierra Inc for approximately USD34m in cash.
Forward-looking statements such as "will," "believe," "are projected to be" and similar expressions are statements regarding future events or the future performance of ADPT, and include statements regarding projected operating results.
NASDAQ:ADPT) (the "Company") announced today that it has changed its name to ADPT Corporation.