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ADRAAdventist Development and Relief Agency
ADRAAdministrative Dispute Resolution Act
ADRAAgencia Adventista para el Desarrollo y Recursos Asistenciales (Peru)
ADRAAlternative Dispute Resolution Act
ADRAAdministrative Dispute Resolution Act of 1990
ADRAAustralian Drivers Rights Association (est. 1998)
ADRAAgence Adventiste d'Aide et de Développement (French)
ADRAAddictive Disorders Regulatory Authority
ADRAAnimal Diseases Research Association (United Kingdom)
ADRAAmerican Dream Restoration Act
ADRAAgencia de Desarollo y Recursos Asistenciales de la Iglesia Adventista de Guatemala (Agency of Development and Welfare Resources of the Adventist Church of Guatemala)
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The source added that terrorists fired three mortar shells which landed on the entrance on Damascus Central Prison in Adra area, causing material damage, but no casualties.
Adra was initially run as an on-line business from Angharad's home.
PO2 Merwin Mendez said concerned citizens brought Adra to the Heart of Jesus Hospital in San Jose City but was declared dead on arrival by the attending physician.
BEIRUT: The Future Movement appointed Nasser Adra as the party's general coordinator for the northern city of Tripoli.
The Adra was launched at the 2014 Auto Expo and is based on the Gamma 2 platform.
Under the deal, food supplies would be allowed into Adra, and an unspecified number of people held in regime jails would be set free, in exchange for the release of the 1,500 families held in the town, said Al-Watan.
The first phase would involve a family of eight being released in exchange for food for civilians in Adra .
State television said Assad inspected a shelter for people displaced by fighting in Adra, which lies about 12 miles northeast of central Damascus and was partly captured by rebels three months ago.
The deputy foreign minister noted to the ADRA role in the humanitarian services for the poor of Yemeni families that live in remote places and the refugees' communities as well.
Dozens of people from Adra were hospitalized, suffering from vomiting, shortness of breath and convulsions, they added.
Ogillo, however, told Sudan Tribune that ADRA succeeded in the implementation of the first multi-year in South Sudan project, despite the challenges that existed in the country at the time.