ADRASAlternative Dispute Resolution Assistance Scheme (Australia)
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Uzbekistan's Margilan is located in Ferghana valley has been historical center of manufacturing of satin and adras - national fabrics with a pattern.
The Center is engaged in preservation, development and promotion of the atlas and adras.
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"Historically, Margilan was the center for making atlas and adras vivid and fine traditional fabrics.
Wherever you look in Dushanbe, you see adras, atlas or chakan traditional dresses, but you might hear the wearers speaking English and proudly displaying designer sportswear.
When it's time to harvest, the collected cocoons are sorted and delivered to collection points from where they are taken to special fabric making facilities and turned into silver threads for producing satin and adras, precious silk fabric.
Uzbek traditional clothing is made of satin while adras cloth is an integral part of a bride's dowry.
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The Adventist Development Relief Agency (ADRA) in South Sudan distributed the food, with PWRDF responsible for administration of the project.